Everything You Need to Know about the Red Letter Disciple Podcast

Well, have you heard the news?! We are so excited to announce the first season of The Red Letter Disciple podcast is launching on May 17th!

Truly, I think this podcast could be the crown jewel for Red Letter Living! Before it launches, I wanted to write a quick blog about the vision behind this podcast!

Why launch a podcast?
Launching this podcast truly boils down to a stewardship issue for me.

For some reason, God put an idea in my lap 11 years ago: “The best way to follow Jesus is to follow Jesus.” I tried to be faithful to this, and over 7 years, I wrote Red Letter Challenge. After publishing the book, I thought that was the end of my stewarding that idea. But, as I continued to see God move mightily, and more and more of my colleagues were asking for next steps beyond the book, I felt called to continue to create resources that were Jesus-centered, simple to understand, highly practical, and challenging to complete.

What started as one book then turned into multiple books (especially with the help of my wife, Allison). Then, not long after, we added regular blogs, small group studies, ebooks, and YouVersion Bible reading plans.

In the past few years especially, I’ve come to understand that my unique role in this world is to continue to steward that original idea until the day that I die.

My life’s mission is to challenge people of all ages to become greater disciples. I am passionate about unleashing the greatest and fullest expression of Jesus possible. I believe that when we truly live as disciples of Jesus, the world will forever change. I want to do my small part in making that happen.

The podcast is a natural next step for us. As much as God is working through our printed resources, I want to continue to create different types of resources that engage with as many people as possible. I’m particularly excited about the podcast avenue because of the number of younger people listening to podcasts.

What’s unique about this podcast?
The podcast will feature 45-minute interviews with some world-class disciples and leaders.

In all of our resources, we try to be Jesus-centered, simple to understand, highly practical, and challenging. This podcast will be no different. In fact, the last question we ask every guest is to challenge our audience to do one thing in the coming week to grow as disciples. You are going to love hearing these challenges each and every week!

If there is something incredibly unique about this podcast, I think it is our desire and intent to bring great content and great entertainment. We believe that there is great joy in following Jesus.

I’ve brought my friend, Pastor Chris Johnson, onto the podcast as a co-host. Chris and I have worked together for years and built a great rapport. Chris and I will do our best to bring a bunch of humor and fun to the show. The number one phrase we heard from our guests on Season 1 was, “This podcast is unlike any other podcast I’ve ever been on.” Expect to laugh.

Who’s on the podcast?
Our podcast is bringing on some incredible guests. Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege to meet some extraordinary disciples and leaders in our world. So who’s on the first season? It is an all-star cast filled with entrepreneurs, pastors, authors, leaders, survivors, etc.

 Who are the Season 1 Guests?

When will the podcast episodes be released?

Our plan is to release the first episode on Tuesday, May 17th, and then the following Tuesdays. Season 1 is 12 episodes. We are planning to create additional seasons so that each and every week, you will have fresh discipleship content that you can access.

Where can I listen/watch?
All the usual places like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Plus, they’ll all be available via video on YouTube.

How can I support the podcast?
Listen or watch our first 5-minute season preview. Once there, you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast. Once you subscribe, you’ll start seeing new episodes pop into your feed or platform each Tuesday starting May 17th.

Please share the podcast via social media or through your own email campaigns. The podcast platforms feature share options that will help others to be able to access the content that much easier.

Also, if able, we’d love your 5-star review. Oh, did we mention? If you subscribe, give us a 5-star rating, and review on any podcast platform, you can enter to win a pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones on June 9th. And, in case you are wondering, the headphones are red!

Finally, if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the podcast, please reach out to us at hello@redletterchallenge.com. We keep our sponsorships very limited but would love to hear from you.


GO TO: https://redletterchallenge.com/red-letter-disciple-podcast

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