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Add some fun to your challenges with swag Red Letter clothing, wristbands, magnets, stickers, and engaging weekly small group videos!

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Disciple Making for Churches MasterClass for small group bible study and church leaders.

In The Disciple Making Playbook, you’ll get access to ten power-packed video modules that will help you create a Jesus-centered disciple making playbook that everybody in your church can get excited about.

Online Being Challenge

Online Being Challenge (OBC) is a video-based version of the Being Challenge workbook.

Growing Your Church Challenge

Growing Your Church Challenge is an eBook that unpacks 10 Ideas to Grow Your Church!

Forgiving Others Challenge (eBook)

Forgiving Others Challenge is a 10-Day journey to help you forgive others.

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Score an EXTRA 10% off specified orders.

$250 off any order $2500+ $500 off any order $5000+

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Congrats! Listen to this special message for you and join Zach live on Friday

Session: The Disciple Making Playbook: Elevating the Quality and Quantity of Disciples at Your Church

Day: Friday, February 23rd
Time: 11:30AM
Location: The Gym

Special offer to attendees and free book recipients.