Stumped With Post-Easter Plans? 5 Reasons to Launch a 40 Day Challenge

Across the world, churches are getting ready and planning to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

Last year’s Easter was unlike any other.  Hardly any of us would have thought this Easter would still be different for many of our churches.  As complex of a time as this is to lead through, Easter still does and will always represent an amazing time to welcome new visitors (digitally or in-person).  I hope your church comes up with an incredible Easter service to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

But I have a question for you:

What are you going to do after Easter?

As a pastor, I know what it takes to plan Easter.  It takes an all-in approach from your staff, key leaders, and volunteers.  It takes many hours, much mental preparation, and emotional buy-in. If you are like me, it is an incredibly fulfilling experience to bring your best on Easter Sunday.  Usually, however, the day after is a pretty low day for me.  I’m typically exhausted from what I have just put out and done.  What makes it even more difficult is this truth: the next Sunday is only 6 days away!  The Sunday’s just keep coming!

What if you could have 40 days done-for-you that will unify your church in a distanced time that will also lead all of the people in your church to become greater followers of Jesus?   That’s our bread-and-butter.  We create turnkey 40-day challenges that unify a church and bring the proven results that pastors get excited about!

By the way, we are offering extra incentive off already discounted churchwide packages through February 26th.  Email us at for more info.

Below are 5 reasons why implementing a 40-day challenge after Easter could be the right next step for your church.

  1. Turnkey

By launching a turnkey 40-day challenge that is done for you and has proven results, you can approach Easter with the full “all-in” planning that you need.  You can also feel confident in continuing the momentum you build on Easter without driving yourself crazy as a pastor or church leader.  It’s healthy for church staffs and pastors to have some occasional down time, and using a turnkey sermon series complete with kids curriculum, small group materials, graphic packages, and sermon manuscripts, should give you the ample time you need to rest and recover and still deliver a powerful 40-day experience.

2. Unify the Whole Church

The number one word we have heard from pastors who have launched a challenge during coronavirus is “unity.”  Many churches are still offering both an in-person and a digital expression.  Our 40-day challenges bring unity not just to the entire church on Sunday’s but also Monday-Saturday as well.  Especially in a distanced time like coronavirus, churches have been loving how our resources bring unity to their whole church.  These challenges not only unify the digital and in-person church experiences to feel like one church family again, but provide unity across all ages, races, and economic levels as well.  It turns out that Jesus is incredibly unifying!  For more on how a challenge could be a great next step during coronavirus times check out this short video.

3. Clear Next Steps beyond Easter

We recommend a 4-week promotion time before a 40-day challenge.  Using the Easter services to promote a 40-day challenge is incredibly effective.  Many churches provide a great Easter service but some fail to give a very clear, compelling next step.  Churches that have used our challenges in the past have been amazed at how quickly people will jump in and participate.  Giving people the opportunity to jump into something that day will create movement.  You could consider how to be generous with the resources and give away free books or discounted books.  Giving them a resource and a next step that is fun and exciting will make them more likely to attend, engage, and return to your church (in-person or digitally) the following weeks.  For more on promotion and distribution, check out this short video here. 

4. Maximum Impact

After Easter, depending on the year, there is usually a 6-8-week period across most of the country (coinciding with the school calendar) that is one of the higher attended and engaged times of the church calendar.  This represents a great time-frame to rally leading your people into the summer.  It’s extremely wise and good stewardship to plan series you feel could be most effective, quite simply, when you are able to engage with the most people.  For more on the best times to launch a 40-day challenge, check out this short video here.

5. Collectively Grow Disciples of Jesus

On Easter, the focus is on the resurrection of Jesus and what this means for all of us.  We are saved by God’s grace and receive eternal life.  While God’s grace assures us of heaven, it also invites us into a real relationship right now with Him as His disciples.  Following Easter is a great opportunity to help people explore following Jesus more.  Our resources push people to the words, habits, and life of Jesus and give real practically, daily challenges that will help them become greater followers of Jesus.  People will be so moved by His resurrection on Easter that the best next natural step is to do what He says to do.

Ready to launch?

We hope so and would love to partner with you.

Currently we have two different 40-day challenges: Red Letter Challenge and Being Challenge.

Red Letter Challenge uses the words and commands of Jesus to help identify five targets to help people become greater followers of Jesus: Be, Forgive, Serve, Give, and Go.  This was our original workbook and we believe offers an incredible discipleship path that is easy to remember and fun to engage with.

Being Challenge explores the life of Jesus to help identify five keystone habits that Jesus practiced to help Him connect in relationship with God: Commit to Community, Study Scripture, Prioritize Prayer, Seek Solitude, and Choose Church.  In a year where many new habits and rhythms were created, it’s important we point people back to the habits of Jesus to help them grow in their relationship with God.

For more on these two 40-day challenges and which one could be right for your church, check out this short video here.

Wanting to learn more?  You can watch a series of short training videos here or read the blog entitled “Everything you need to know about launching a church-wide challenge.” 

We are launching our next big wave on the Sunday after Easter (4/11/21) and would love to have your church in the next wave.  We are offering incentive right now off of the already discounted church packages of Red Letter Challenge and Being Challenge.  If you have any questions or want to receive those greater discounts by 2/26/21 please email us at


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