The Red Letter Disciple Episode 8

008: Pastor Rusty George Gets Practical about Being Simple

Rusty is all about simple. But simple doesn’t mean shallow. After a devastating staff suicide rocked his church, Rusty discusses how his church kept their focus in the midst of this tragedy, and how we can be of help today to those having suicidal thoughts. He also helps the listeners understand that discipleship is about transformation, not just information.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

After Amen by Rusty George

Leading Simple Podcast

Key insights from the episode:

Rusty George

The wrong assumption was that if we give people more information, then transformation will happen. Some of the most knowledgeable people aren’t even Christians. – Rusty George

Discipleship is like golf. Hearing the word of God is a backswing, but doing the word of God is the follow-through.Rusty George

For many of us, the most opportune time we get to behave like Jesus is in the parking lot of the church. – Rusty George

Suicide never makes things better. You are not a burden. The wake of devastation you will leave behind would be far greater than any burden you feel like you are right now. – Rusty George

If suicide happens in a church family, everyone wants someone to blame. The quicker you can shift the blame from who to blame to how can we help, the better you’ll be.Rusty George

I’m not going to waste an opportunity to tell my story because it can help someone else out. – Rusty George

It’s assumed that all church leaders have it figured out when in fact, we are all struggling. – Rusty George

The lies from the enemies around suicide: 1) they’ll be better off without you, 2) no one will miss you, 3) you’re insignificant, or 4) don’t you want to be out of the pain?Rusty George

Rusty’s Challenge of the Week: Write down what you pray for.

Lead yourself (and your church) to be more like Jesus. Red Letter Challenge

For so many Christians, the discipleship process isn’t very clear.

They know they need to go to church, pray, not sin, and maybe attend a small group. While these are great things, they don’t outline a clear path leading people to live more like Jesus. 

We’d love to introduce you to the 40-Day Red Letter Challenge.

When you and your church take the challenge, you’ll have a clear 40-day discipleship path that will help you master five key areas of discipleship.

You can learn more about the challenge here!

Some not-so-key insights:

No one chooses to be a Royals fan, you’re predestined. – Rusty George

Is golf the most boring sport to watch? – Chris Johnson

Soccer is just keep-away for an undisclosed amount of time. – Rusty George

The only time we use redemption is when we go to Chuck E Cheese and Dave and Busters. – Chris Johnson

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