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042: Mark DeYmaz on How to Discover Your Strengths, Removing Segregation in the Church, and Why Diversity is a Discipleship Matter

Mark DeYmaz is a man of action and didn’t believe that the church was a place for him. From atheist to being the founding pastor of Mosaic Church in Arkansas, he still believes that movement and action are what Christ intended for discipleship. He is passionate about fighting for a united church and removing segregation from congregations. 



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Mosaic Church Central Arkansas

Mosaic Conference



Key insights from the episode:  

Mark DeYmaz and Discipleship

We want the best ideas to win, not the person’s position to win. – Mark DeYmaz

Don’t work on your weaknesses; staff to your weaknesses. – Mark DeYmaz

The best way to find out who you are is to find out who you are not. – Mark DeYmaz

In America, we think we’ve got to be independent people and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps; that’s not the way of God. We need one another. – Mark DeYmaz

We are in a Matthew 5:26 century. It’s not so much sitting in a room and studying the Bible but getting out and doing the works of the Bible. – Mark DeYmaz

American discipleship is top-heavy with explanation and low on demonstration. – Mark DeYmaz

The collective is so much more powerful than the individual. – Mark DeYmaz

By 2042, one in every two people in America will be non-white. – Mark DeYmaz

It’s not about forcing something; it’s becoming intentional. – Mark DeYmaz

The arch of the Biblical narrative bends towards multi-ethnicity. – Mark DeYmaz

You cannot preach a message of God’s love from a segregated pulpit and expect it to be believed. – Mark DeYmaz

Mark DeYmaz’s Challenge: Read Romans 16:25-27 and ask yourself, “What is the Gospel that Paul is referring to?” 

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