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044: Mel Gravely on Why He Wrote Nineteen Letters About Racism to His White Friends, and How and Why Christians Need to be Intentional to Fight Racism

When Mel Gravely saw pain and confusion on both sides of racism, he began to write letters. Those nineteen letters are now a book called Dear White Friend that breaks down barriers, confusion, and misconceptions about racism. Gravely is hopeful for a common good, a faithful community, and a united nation.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Dear White Friend by Mel Gravely

Dear White Friend Discussion Guide

TriVersity Construction


Key insights from the episode:  

Mel Gravely The Red Letter Disciple Quote

I sit in a privileged seat to have one foot in both worlds. – Mel Gravely

There is no excuse for people who want to know about racism not to know. – Mel Gravely 

Authenticity and intentionality can be one and the same. – Mel Gravely

Sometimes the most powerful conversations about race are white people talking to white people without black people around. – Mel Gravely

You don’t need black people in the room to raise your empathy level. – Mel Gravely

There’s a deeper understanding of racism that we are all invited into. – Zach Zehnder

God didn’t create our world so white people would have 98% of all the good stuff. – Mel Gravely

When we study their story, 1)  duration, 2) magnitude, and 3) what happened should all be considered. – Mel Gravely

I don’t like white privilege, I like benefitting bystander. – Mel Gravely

I want to be hopeful. – Mel Gravely

Sunday is a segregated time. – Mel Gravely

The gospel isn’t relevant if it’s easy in 2023. – Mel Gravely

Mel Gravely’s challenge: Ask the question, “Why are things the way they are?” five times.


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