066: Richard Pope on Planting a Church With Terminal Cancer, How Suffering Helps in the Life of a Disciple, and How to Enjoy Jesus Aggressively

Richard Pope is the Lead Pastor of Canvas Church in Salisbury, MD. After planting Canvas Church at the age of 24, he found out that he had terminal cancer. Rather than stopping his plans, he pressed forward and faithfully continues to fight today.


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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

www.redletterchallenge/join Discount Code: AfterEaster100 

We Are Send Network: Church Planting Network

Terminal: The Dying Church Planter Podcast

Canvas Church: the church Pastor Richard Pope planted

Overcome Song by Jeremy Camp


Key insights from the episode: 

Richard Pope Quote for Red Letter Disciple

I think Gen Z has the most revival potential. – Richard Pope

What makes Christ beautiful is his ability to sit in the messiness. – Richard Pope

Suffering is one of the best discipling tools when handed over to Jesus. – Richard Pope

I kept going [through cancer] because people loved me. – Richard Pope

As you learn to be content with Jesus in the midst of less, you learn to love him more. – Richard Pope

We need to enjoy Jesus aggressively. – Richard Pope

My biggest lesson is that God validated us to the table as sons. – Richard Pope

A good king loves us despite our disabilities. – Richard Pope

Richard Pope’s Challenge: Pray for a passion for lost people, recognizing that you and everyone you meet have a terminal diagnosis.  

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