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069: Katherine Norland on Being a Disciple in Hollywood, Working with YouTube Star Dhar Mann, and How to Deal with More than 900 Rejections

Katherine Norland is an actress in Hollywood with more than 100 credits. In this episode, Katherine will talk about what it’s like to be a disciple in Hollywood and how to deal with more than 900 rejections in her acting career. Hear her story of how she overcame self-doubt and is now helping others fully step into their calling.



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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Katherine Norland IMDb

Dhar Mann Studios YouTube Channel

Dhar Mann Bonus Videos (geared to adults)

Katherine Norland YouTube Channel

You Are Worthy: Stop Building Other People’s Dreams and Sabotaging Your Own So You Can Step Into Your Calling and Live Your Purpose with Confidence by Katherine Norland



Key insights from the episode: 

Katherine Norland Quote The Red Letter Disciple

God can bring the audience when he decides to bring the audience. – Katherine Norland

People can only see the tip of us, but the entire glacier is there when God decides to recede the waters! – Katherine Norland

We gather information to prove ourselves right. – Katherine Norland

When we compare, we’re not content no matter what we have. – Katherine Norland

I am a fool and weak, but God can still use me. – Katherine Norland

Nobody relates to the person who has it all together. – Katherine Norland

God continues to use broken, messy, and unworthy people. – Zach Zehnder

Katherine Norland’s Challenge: Practice micro-acts of obedience. Whatever God tells you to do, do it! 

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