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071: Pastor Jeff Mueller on Pastoring in Hawaii, A New Model for Rescuing Children, and How Compassion is the Catalyst to Sharing The Gospel

Jeff Mueller is currently the senior pastor of Waikoloa Lutheran Church in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Mueller has planted churches and ministries, including Child Beyond International. This organization is committed to rescuing vulnerable children, specifically in Guatemala.


Today’s episode is brought to you by our partner Child Beyond International. 

Through this incredible mission rescue organization, you and those in your church can be changed in just 10,000 minutes! Why 10,000? Because 10,000 minutes is the exact amount of time spent on a seven-day mission trip. Child Beyond International has everything set up for you and your church to experience a powerful overseas mission trip that will rescue the life of a child in Guatemala. Not only this, but it will change the lives of those who go on the mission trip as well. You and your church can be transformed in just one week. Personally, mission trips change my perspective, restore my purpose, and grow my faith unlike anything else.

Mission trips are one of the most effective faith-building discipleship opportunities God provides for us, not only to make a huge spiritual difference in the life of one soul at a time, but in each one of our own spiritual lives as well! So, today, I invite you to check out the great work of our partner at their website

Child Beyond International

Additionally, I’ll be doing a FREE webinar with Pastor Jeff Mueller, founder and president of Child Beyond International, on April 11th at Noon-1PM CT. The webinar will help your church create a global mission strategy that reaches the vulnerable. You can register for that here

Child Beyond International Webinar

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Child Beyond International 

Waikoloa Lutheran Church in Waikoloa, HI

Red letter Leaders Webinar with Jeff Mueller

Key insights from the episode: 

Jeff Mueller on Quote The Red Letter Disciple

Every disciple should ask, “God, what are you blessing, and can we be a part of that?” – Jeff Mueller

At the end of our lives, it’s my goal to say, “What a ride!” – Jeff Mueller

The shifts in discipleship have been seismic over the last few decades. – Jeff Mueller

We can, and we must learn new ways to share the gospel. – Jeff Mueller

Pastor Jeff Mueller’s Challenge: Memorize Matthew 9:36 and share compassion with others this week.

Register for the FREE Red Letter Leaders Webinar

Remember to register for the FREE webinar with Pastor Jeff Mueller, founder and president of Child Beyond International, on April 11th at Noon-1PM CT here.

“Helping Churches Do Outreach that Actually Rescues the Vulnerable”

In this webinar, Pastor Jeff Mueller, will help your church create a global mission strategy that actually reaches the vulnerable. Churches are passionate about reaching the lost and the most vulnerable. But, how do you know if you are truly effective? Are your outreach programs, your global missions, etc., actually accomplishing this end? In this dynamic webinar tailored for pastors and church leaders, we will delve into the heart of effective outreach, focusing on strategies that genuinely rescue and uplift the vulnerable in our world. Jeff Mueller leads Child Beyond International, a rescue missions organization in Guatemala, and is passionate about helping churches form strategies that actually reach the most vulnerable. Drawing from both biblical principles and his wealth of experience, pastors and leaders will be well on their way to ensuring that their church is reaching the lost, just like Jesus.

Again, You can register for that here.

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